What is the minimum required age for qualification?

The minimum required age for qualifications is 21 years at the time of the application submittal.

your “LEGAL BUSINESS NAME” would be your Full legal Name.

Should I use my TAX ID or the last 4 digits of my SSN?

Unless you have specifically applied with the IRS for a unique Tax ID for your business activities, you should provide the last 4 digits of your SSN. Typically, unless you are an LLC or Corporation, you are an Individual/Sole Proprietor and would use your SSN to obtain any credit.

*Please review your tax returns or consult with a tax specialist to verify.

What is DBA (Doing Business As)?

Every business has a “legal” or “true name”.

Sole proprietorship or partnership: That legal name is the name of the business owner or owners.

(e.g., John doe / Jane doe).

Corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other statutory entity: The legal name is the one on its formation document.

(e.g., its articles of incorporation or articles of organization). 

If the person or company does business under another name, that is a DBA name. DBAs are also referred to as an “assumed name”, “fictitious business name” or “trade name”. There are no limits to the number of DBAs or assumed names you can use. But the law in most states is that unless the DBA name is registered, which is done by making a filing in the state, a person can only do business under his or her own name, and corporations and LLCs can only do business under the name on their formation document.

Do you accept credit Reports & Scores from Credit Karma, WalletHub, or any other free credit monitoring Apps?

No, we can only accept a complete credit report which also includes FICO scores from the 3 major credit bureaus, i.e., Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Please provide us the complete credit report from myFICO; You may purchase the one-time 3-BUREAU CREDIT REPORT, or you can choose either the ADVANCED or PREMIER monthly subscriptions; if you already have a subscription, you would be able to provide the most current report.

Why should I select 3 EVs?

In our Credit Application, we will ask you to select your top 3 EV preferences. That will help us understand which EVs are most desired so we can make them available to you sooner.

When can I get my EV? Are all EVs in the EVNOW Showcase available?

EVs displayed are only a representation of the wide selection of EV options coming to the market soon.

There is no guarantee that any specific model will be offered, and the estimated time of delivery is yet to be determined and relies chiefly on the manufacturers’ capacity for production. EVNOW will offer a limited selection of EVs for approximately the first 12 months. As production scales up, we will be adding more options as they become available from the manufacturers.

Announcements will be made periodically as models become available to lease.

Can I decide the length of my lease term?

The only available leasing product offered by EVNOW is a 24-month term. That said, EVNOW Team is working diligently to accommodate a wider spectrum of our fellow commercial drivers. Although we don’t anticipate any changes to the lease terms in the near future, any changes that occur will be communicated to you.

No prices on the website? How much does a specific EV cost?

Well, while car dealers can easily announce their vehicle prices in their respective market districts, EVNOW can’t.

At NOW we are not geographically limited to any district, we are set to operate NATIONWIDE! Therefore, each EV’s final price varies widely depending on many factors, including, but not limited to the city and estate it was sold at, among other factors.

That said, the best most accurate way to know any specific EV price to you is to FILL OUT OUR FREE APPLICATION TODAY!

*  You can search the web to get an average price range for a specific EV.

Should I get prequalified first? Does EVNMOW finance the lease?

At EVNOW we provide the leased EV as well as authorize your credit limit based on your submitted application.


Does poor credit qualify? What is the minimum required credit score to qualify?


If you think you got poor credit, try and FILL OUT OUR FREE APPLICATION TODAY! You may still qualify.

* View our Credit page to learn more about our credit process.

Do you cover the cost of maintenance?

The short answer is NO.

You may still carry a bad taste from your previous ICE vehicle’s costly maintenance experience, we feel your pain, especially all of us, drivers, who drive hundreds of miles each day for work.

But you’ll soon know that electric vehicles are far superior to combustion engine cars when it comes to commercial use. There is virtually no maintenance cost, and they are

Do you cover the cost of charging?

The short answer is NO; however,

As Our Main Mission… EVNOW Is Committed to Empowering and Investing In Our Drivers’ Community.

We understand how EV charging can be the most significant operational expense facing drivers. And while you will quickly find out that EV Charging costs are far cheaper than gasoline, we want to help set you on the right track for a profitable business!


we are happy to announce that EVNOW will offer our early supporters a promotional pre-paid debit card where we will be depositing a generous monthly cash stipend to use as they please. This is our long-lasting gift in appreciation of your support, and it will significantly help offset your EV charging costs, and maybe more!

*This promotion’s duration and details are still being finalized and will be shared with you directly shortly after we review your credit application. APPLY TODAY!

How long does it take until I get a decision on my credit Application?

In the event of a successful credit application filing, that includes:

  • Filling the Credit application; and,
  • Uploading the complete myFICO 3-BUREAU CREDIT REPORT via:
  1. Our Credit Application, Or,
  2. Directly to our email Credit@EVNOWinc.com

We will run our comprehensive credit review and let you know what you should expect in terms of any down payments and deposits. We will also let you know if you need to take any action to ultimately get the best terms possible on your lease. Or, in case you didn’t qualify.

Will Applying impact my credit score?

No, our credit application process won’t impact your credit.

Don’t hesitate… FILL OUT OUR FREE APPLICATION TODAY! And get qualified.

*View our Credit page to learn more about our credit process.